Chris Murphy Launches Fight Back Connecticut

New Effort To Help Organize Grassroots Energy & Boost Democrats

Murphy: “I’ve never seen such spontaneous, passionate grassroots activism and organizing before. I want to help grow this organic movement.”

HARTFORD — U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Friday announced Fight Back Connecticut, a new volunteer-driven campaign organizing effort to build on and support remarkable grassroots energy and activism across Connecticut. The new organizing campaign will seek to provide logistical, organizing, and messaging support to the dozens of organic, grassroots activist groups that have convened across Connecticut since the November election.

People all over Connecticut are so worried about what the Trump agenda will mean for their family and the people they care about. This angst has caused thousands of people to organize themselves into new grassroots organizations or informal social media groups. Every single day, I get asked, ‘What more can I do to fight back?’ I’m launching Fight Back Connecticut because I’ve never seen such spontaneous, passionate grassroots activism and organizing before. I want to do my part to help grow this organic movement,” said Murphy.

Ultimately, to be successful and get results, all these amazing marches and protests and phone calls must translate to knocks on doors, volunteers, and ultimately, votes for candidates that will fight the most backwards parts of the Trump agenda. We’re going to help give this new generation of inspiring activists the tools and training they need to organize and contact voters. By working together, we can fight back against backward policies with the biggest grassroots army Connecticut’s ever seen,” Murphy added.

The effort, organized under the umbrella of Murphy’s re-election committee, will fund organizers to work in collaboration with the campaigns of the Connecticut Congressional delegation and the Connecticut Democratic Party to recruit and train volunteers, offer action alerts to existing organizing groups, provide messaging help to grassroots activists, and provide a conduit between local activism and the fight in Washington to defeat the reckless policies of the Trump administration.