Chris Murphy Releases First TV Ads

HARTFORD — U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) released his first TV ads of his re-election campaign. Murphy first unveiled the ads on social media Tuesday night. The two 30-second ads, titled “Walk Across Connecticut” and “Listening Matters”, feature Murphy talking about why he walks across the state of Connecticut each summer and some of the people he’s met along the way. Murphy goes the extra mile to listen to people in Connecticut and works hard to get results for them in Washington.


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“Walk Across Connecticut” Script:

MURPHY: “Once a year, I walk across the state of Connecticut. From Plainfield to Danbury, I’m walking into small businesses, diners, bookstores.

“Most of the people that I meet on the walk – they have real things going on in their life that they need help with, and this is an opportunity to make sure that they have a senator who is fighting for them. I have an obligation to not just wait for people to call my office or write my office.

“I have to be out there in Connecticut, talking to people. That’s why I do this walk. That is why I decided to be a United States Senator. I’m Chris Murphy, and I approve this message.”


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“Listening Matters” Script:

BROADCASTER: “U.S. Senator walking all the way across the state of Connecticut, Chris Murphy.”

BROADCASTER2: “He says people are much more open when he is not wearing a suit and tie.”

MURPHY: “The people I meet are working sixty hours a week – who barely have health insurance – they tell me their problems. I pick up ideas about what I need to be doing in Washington.”

DEE DOOLITTLE AND HARRY HORN: “We talked about health care.”

ABIGAIL AND ELIZA LORGE: “I chatted with him mostly about gun control.”

MURPHY: “They are grounding me in the issues that I am focused on in the Senate.”

ISABELLE ENDICOTT: “He fights for the people of Connecticut.”

MURPHY: “They deserve to have a strong voice in Washington. I’m Chris Murphy and I approve this message.”